MoPho Maniac

MoPho Maniac for Dave Smith Instruments MoPho

This sound bank is made for the MoPho synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments, the affordable mono synth with a 100% analog signal path! The bank contains 41 carefully created presets which we believe do this amazing synthesizer justice! Although this is not a polyphonic synthesizer, you can mimic it just by tracking the individual notes of a chord one by one. Check out our demo track below in the video, which feature a stunning 19 layered instances of the Mopho synthesizer! Everything you hear in the video is from the MoPho, plus we used some eq, delay, reverb and dynamic tools during mixing and mastering.


For more information about this synth, check out the product page on the Dave Smith Instruments website. 


Included in this sound bank:


41 presets for Dave Smith Instruments MoPho

  • 17 Basses
  •   8 Kickdrums
  •   6 Effect Sounds
  •   4 Leads
  •   2 Hihats
  •   2 Sequences
  •   1 Pad
  •   1 Clap


MAC / PC compatible
100% royalty-free
Requirements: Dave Smith Instruments MoPho Synthesizer and a DAW with Sysex support, MIDI interface and optionally Soundtower editor




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