Shapes 4 Red

Shapes 4 Red

Thank you for your interest in our first expansion for the famous red synthesizer from Clavia, the Nord Lead 4! With this expansion, you get 99 fresh new programs and 50 interesting performances that we believe will help you get inspired for your next track!


The Clavia Nord Lead 4 is, in our opinion, a very versatile beast of a synth. It does fantastic emulations of some famous analog synths, but it also goes beyond analog and can be proud digital with the FM capabilities and the many single cycle wafeforms that are available in oscillator one. Add the different filter types, two lfo’s, the powerful fx section, and you quickly understand why this synth has stolen our hearts when we created Shapes 4 Red. 


With sounds that fit into categories like leads, pads, plucks and bass, this expansion will work wonders in a wide variety of music styles that benefit from modern and classic synthesizer sounds. Think of styles like House, Synthwave, Trance, Ambient, Pop and EDM, to name a few.


We carefully added modwheel assignments, one or more morph settings and velocity sensitivity to all programs, to make it a joy to perform with these sounds. We want you to get inspired with Shapes 4 Red!


Included in this expansion:


  • 99 programs with velocity, morph and modwheel assignments
    • 30 leads
    • 18 pads
    • 12 plucks
    • 10 sync sounds
    • 8 bass
    • 7 drums/percussion
    • 6 fantasy
    • 3 brass
    • 2 strings
    • 2 fx
    • 1 arp


  • 50 performances
    • 14 leads
    • 13 fantasy
    • 8 sync sounds
    • 6 plucks
    • 5 pads
    • 2 splits
    • 1 drum/percussion
    • 1 bass


100% royalty-free

Instructions how to use our expansion with your Nord Lead 4 synthesizer or rack are included

Requirements to use this expansion:


  • Clavia Nord Lead 4 (Synthesizer or Rack) with software v1.30 or above.
  • Clavia Nord Sound Manager v7.57 or above for Windows or Mac.




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After payment, the expansion will be delivered instantly to your provided email address.


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