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We have worked for the following companies and artists:


Preset design: 

Acon Digital - Verberate factory presets | DeFilter factory presets | Acoustica 7 factory presets

Cableguys - Submitted Curve2 presets which we made during the production of our track "Parabola"

Future Audio Workshop - Factory presets for Circle2 | Official expansions for Circle2

Kilohearts - One factory presets | Multipass factory presets

Relab - VSR S24 factory presets

Roland - Official expansions for the Roland System-8 and Roland TR-8S

Seaweed Audio - Fathom Pro factory presets

Sonic Charge - Echobode factory presets

Sugar Bytes - Factory presets for Factory

Synapse Audio - Dune 2 factory presets

Tal Software - Bassline-101 factory presets

Tone2 - Icarus factory presets | Collaborating on the Space Trip soundset for Icarus

u-he - Bazille factory presets | Hive factory presets

Vengeance Sound - Future Chill Expansion for VPS Avenger



Mixing and Mastering: 

Cubworld - Mixing acoustic sessions for Life Is Music | Mastering studio album Life Is Music | Mixing & Mastering the song Lullaby




Buble Vision - Licensing our song "Are We Dreaming"

Cableguys - Created the song "Parabola" using only the Curve 2 synthesizer from Cableguys. This song is now featured on their website. 

Roland - Official demo's for the System-8 and TR-8S expansions by Solidtrax

Seaweed AudioLicensing our song "True Ambition"

Snakeware New Media - Producing a corporate jingle

TAL Software GmbH - Created the official demo "Mondays Delusions" for TAL-Mod | Created the demo "Twenthy" for TAL U-NO-LX